Painting Services

Ace Painters offer the following Painting Services:

Ace Painters renovation painting servicesRepainting

We complete painting of the interior and exterior of old houses including renovations  and/or alterations. We are also able to complete dry wall repairs.

Ace Painters new home interior and exterior paintingNew Painting

Painting of both the interior and exterior of new houses. We are experienced in both airless spray or roller finish painting techniques.

Ace Painters Roof Treatment and Painting ServicesRoof Painting

Our Roof painting includes the preparation, treatment and painting of all types of roofs. Roof treatments are for moss, mould,  mildew and lichen. We are able to repaint old roofs and paint new roofs.

Ace Painters Wood Treatment and Painting Services, Varnishing decks and FurnitureWood Treatment

Let us do the oiling, staining and varnishing of all your timber. From new or old timber houses, to decks, fences, furniture and even cabinets and cupboards.

To arrange a quote:

  1. Contact Ace Painters via phone or email. We will make a time to meet and look at the job
  2. We provide on-site free advice on painting systems and colours.
  3. Will will draw up a quote. Our quote is valid for 30 days.

Contact Ace Painters for more information or to arrange a free, no obligation quote.

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